Mary Ann, Energy Healer, Shaman & Life Coach.

Energy is a powerful force in the universe. Our body is composed of energy, and it shows up in our thoughts, intentions and beliefs.

When you use universal energy, you are creating a two-way communication with the universe. You open yourself up to receive energy and you are also giving energy to the universe. Energy is one of your most powerful resources to living the life you want. When you build your relationships to energy all sorts of openings will happen in your life!

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Bust A Belief

Discover how to set your intentions,
& release beliefs keeping you stuck

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Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat of Life

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Upcoming Events


If you are on your spiritual path, in a major life transition, tired of being in a rut or want to get more out of the life you are living – consider one or more of these programs to change your life!

I work in community to leverage the knowledge and wisdom of us all while creating a safe space to grow and develop. I invite you to come be a contribution to both yourself and our community through selecting the right event for you.

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