Bio: Mary Ann Robbat

newmarMary Ann Robbat, Ed.M.
Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Shaman, Life Coach & Medium

Mary Ann Robbat brings more than twenty years of teaching, coaching, consulting and luminous energy healing to her work with clients. Through highly evolved intuitive capabilities, Mary Ann taps into each individual’s soul and hears the messages and channels energies using her Guides and client’s Guides. Through active listening, coaching, healing and consulting skills she can ascertain where there are limiting beliefs and emotionally charged issues, and works with clients to develop strategies to move forward and achieve goals. She easily connects spiritual and energy practices to real-world living which helps make her clients successful in creating lasting impact and sustaining change in their lives.

Her unique ability to blend all of her skills is what sets Mary Ann apart. Through her use of Shaman teachings and practices she scans and tracks energy throughout the body to determine where energy is stuck. Using Illuminations, she sheds light and energy in areas where energy blocks exists and releases them. She utilizes Guided Visualizations, Soul Retrieval, Extraction Techniques and Physical and Etheric body scanning to help clients connect with their own energy and achieve the change they desire.

Her educational experience includes a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University; a certificate in organizational design and development from The Center for Creative Leadership; and certification as a Success Unlimited Network coach, focusing on executive and personal coaching. MaryAnn is currently completing her advanced shamanic healing practices working with world-renowned shamans. She is also working on an intensive three-year Future Thinking and Leadership program. Her professional experience includes over fifteen years as a corporate executive working at senior management levels and as an executive coach with clients worldwide.

Mary Ann’s life experience includes traveling all over the world personally and professionally. She is the mother of triplets, a wife and published author. She has a passion for skiing, hiking, spending time outdoors, breaking through paradigms and working with her hands.

“My practice has evolved over the years as I have passionately pursued my own desires to live the life I want. This journey led me to re-open my gift of divine intuition, energy healing and shamanism. I am continually curious about how people can be, do and have all that we want in this life, myself included. This curiosity has led me to learn many disciplines and modalities of healing and coaching. My practice is focused on the integration of all of these disciplines to help accelerate how people can live their lives full out! I look forward to connecting with you.”