Energy Healing School


Healing processes and tools to bring in energy to expand your power in life.  For energy practitioners and anyone who wanted to have access to all of their power

Life is a journey and staying ahead of what you need to heal in order to align you to what you want to accomplish is a powerful, liberating, and empowering way to live life.  Energy Healing School is for the healer who wants to expand their expertise and practice as well as the individual who gives themselves the gift of time to delve deep into themselves in order to live life more fully.

The Robbat Center Healing School has programs for:

  • Individuals who are interested in learning more about energy healing in order to do this work for themselves and/or
  • Professionals who incorporate energy healing into their current practices

Our students come with different goals in mind, with about 60% focusing on deepening their understanding of energy healing for their own personal use and 40% committed to using energy in their own healing practice.   This mix provides for a high quality, deeply immersive experience in a cohesive community setting.

Each program is specifically designed to challenge and move all students forward in their beliefs and energy which enables them to bring that they want into their life now.

Space is limited so students are encouraged to enroll in advance.

Healing School Offerings:

Energy Foundations Healing School (taught by Mary Ann Robbat) is an entry-level course designed to jump start you on your healing journey.

crystalhand   It is designed for:

Opening up your intuition

Trusting your ability to shift your energy

Connecting with others in community


This is a program is based around five modules that are tailored to best meet the need of the individuals present.  To learn more, see the full description


Advanced Healing School -(taught by Mary Ann Robbat) A Master’s Level Program designed for people who have been trained in the basics of energy and connection to the energetic realms.

Advanced Healing hands purple   It is designed for:

Exploring new energetic patterns and constructs that you can use to heal yourself

Working with different energetic wave patterns for specific healing purposes

Flowing in the moment with what is being transmitted to us by the energetic masters.

Transform, manipulating and transmuting energy patterns to flow in creation.

This program will include the latest material transmitted to Mary Ann.  To learn more, see the full description



Healing School sessions are full-day programs which typically run:

Thursday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm including a one hour lunch break.

Friday 9:30am – 2:00pm including a 30 minute lunch break.

By spanning two days, the learning and energetic work does not stop when you go home, but rather, continues to build and develop so that you can start day two for a new, exciting, vantage point