About Energy Healing


Energy is a powerful force in the universe. It shows up everyday in our thoughts, intentions and beliefs. Energy Healing is the centuries-old practice of changing your energy to change your life.

When you use universal energy, you are creating a two-way communication with the universe. You open yourself up to receive energy and you are also giving energy to the universe.  Energy is one of your most powerful resources to living the life you want. When you build your relationships to energy all sorts of openings will happen in your life!

People who live the lives they want—lives they’ve imagined and consciously created—are full of vibrant energy, excited about their future, at ease with who they are, and very attractive to others. Achieving this kind of life goes beyond material success; it’s the root of real happiness, joy, and peacefulness.

By unlocking your own knowing or “Intuition” you can dramatically improve your relationships, the joy you experience in life, the amount of abundance available to you, quality of life and just about anything else you can think of.

Energy healing is a way of unleashing aspects of yourself that you have left behind, given up, or forgotten about that brought you joy, peace, fulfillment, happiness and connection to yourself and others. Energy Healing is an effective way of releasing old beliefs that keep you stuck and prevent you from using your intuition. Some beliefs we do not even know we are operating from and yet they keep us from manifesting what we truly want and who we want to be in life.

Energy Healing can help if you:

  • Have noticed patterns in your jobs, relationships, prosperity, health or family that work against you
  • Think it would be selfish to want more from life
  • Have ever felt unworthy about receiving
  • Are successful but fear more success
  • Have unfulfilled dreams
  • Are looking for a relationship, but just can’t seem to find a fulfilling one
  • Feel that it is hard to figure out what’s holding you back from accomplishing your dreams

If any of these questions sound like you, you most likely have energy blocks in your body that are holding you back from living the life you want and deserve. Unleashing these blocks frees you up to design, create and live the life you want. The new flow of energy within your body will enhance your level of self-actualization, self–fulfillment, self-love and self-confidence to allow you to have it all. “Having it all” means living however you want to live your life. There are no rules that say life must be the way you are living it now.

Energy work is complementary to therapy and can create faster change and integration to the new way you want to be in the world. Energy healing will accelerate your ability to release old patterns and beliefs, freeing up your energy so that you can manifest the life you truly want. And it can prevent you from back-sliding into old habits, because your energy will have shifted, and the old habits will not feel comfortable anymore.

My book, Engaging Your Power; Using Your Divine Energy to Create the Life You Want  containes many useful Energy Healing exercises that you can do on your own, at your own pace, to achieve permanent shifts in your energy with lasting effects. It describes the Success Triad, my own powerful unique tool that allows you to transform the way you think and feel to create the lrife you want to live. I developed it after working with people’s energy for more than a decade. The Success Triad is comprised of three systems: your energy system, your belief system and your manifestation system. Most self-help approaches focus on only one aspect of the Triad, and while change is possible through working with only one system, the probability for creating long-lasting change is increased dramatically when you work with all three.

Energy Healing is effective when you are commited to it. Whether you are using crystals, visualization, setting intentions, meditating or saying mantras, one of the most important keys to success is commitment and consistency. Staying with your practice for a sustained period of time will help you seek and ultimately find the change that you are looking for in your life.