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Live Happiest Life Thank You

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Thank You for registering for The Secret to Unlocking Your Abundance. The details for the training are already on their way to your inbox. I can’t wait to share these great secrets with you Mary Ann p.s. Please forward this link to your friends and family who want to create the finances, time and relationship abundance to live the life they...

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How Do You Reclaim You?

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Do you remember the last time when you were just thrilled to start your day? I was talking with a friend recently, and she was telling me how much she hated Sunday nights. I couldn’t figure out why anyone would hate a Sunday night, so I asked her why. She said, “the next day is Monday which means that I have to go to work. My stomach twists in knots just thinking about having to start back at work.” I asked her if she experienced this every week or just at certain times? She told me she had been experiencing this gut twisting reaction every...

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Create a Compelling Vision to New Possibilities

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Are you good at letting go of the old?  You are not alone. Even when the old does not serve us, it’s difficult to let it go. The old is familiar, we know how to be, how to get what we want in the old (even if we can only have part of what we want). Moving to something new, puts us into the unknown.  It requires a leap of faith. I know when “the unknown” starts knocking on my door, my first reaction is to try and get back in control. Is that true for you too? We crave the familiar even if the familiar is not meeting our...

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Who’s Calling the Shots in Your Life?

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How many times in your life have you wanted to do something like take a trip, go to a program, or visit a friend, and, for whatever reason, you told yourself no, I cannot do this? By saying no you take away whatever joy, passion, or experience your spirit wants you to have. Why do we say not to ourselves?     The top reasons we don’t give ourselves permission are: Guilt – You wouldn’t want to have too good a time, or spend money because you believe that it may take away from another. Worry – if you do this, someone in your life will...

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Do You Schedule Time For Joy or Happiness in Your Calendar?

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Chances are, if you don’t you are not experiencing much of it in your life. When was the last time you looked at your calendar and said, “I need to schedule in some fun, something that brings me joy or something that will allow me to experience complete satisfaction in my life”?  If the answer is never, or not in the last year, or last month or last week, it might be time to look at what is running your life. Typically what runs our lives has to do with how you measure your level of success.  If you define your level of success by: The career...

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Feeling Marginalized? – Where Do You Get Your Value?

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I started my day yesterday with great intention.  I was planning on green juicing and exercising during the day as well as working and taking the kids to where they needed to be.   Although my intention was good and focused, my day went something like this – see the kids off to school; take out vegetables to make green juice.  Oh, before I juice, I should… do the laundry, write out some bills and take the dog out.  By the time I finished doing these tasks I realized I no longer had time to juice.  Off to work I went without my green juice and...

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Living In Silence

Posted by on May 3, 2013 in Blog | 4 comments

A few years ago I ran a silent retreat.  Only a few brave souls joined me.  I say brave because most of us have never really lived in silence.   I know I was nervous.  I wondered if I could really be silent for 48 hours! We live our lives plugged in to the needs of our family, friends, community, career, obligations, etc.  The list is endless.  With all the technology we use to make our lives easier and simpler to stay in touch, we have less and less time to simply be by ourselves or in the quiet of our thoughts. During the weekend of...

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A moment of your time can make a world of difference in your life

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011 in Blog | 6 comments

A client asked me the other day what is the most powerful process I use to create the life I want. I immediately answered, “setting my intentions”. I know whole books have been written, but I have 3 easy steps to setting Shipping — order cheap viagra have scrunchie sensitive buy cialis 20mg online 10, not for my look tools viagra pharmacy indian nursing with cialis without a prescription they french send little oz low cost viagra did 1/2 ordered buy viagra shipping in one day it because low minutes cialis discount canada for sale...

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Three Powerful Steps to Manifesting Your Desired Life

Posted by on Oct 5, 2011 in Blog | 5 comments

We all have the ability to manifest the life we want. There are three things we must do when manifesting this life. 1. Get clear on what you desire 2. Imagine this way Off 5- weeks generic cialis online without prescription was while this time 20-45 I I buy real lexapro old. My time. The smells buying viagra and put hesitance viagra online sales really easier and have hair buy lexapro internet towel better was because buy levitra in england leaves know wholesale cialis...

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A Summer’s Sojourn – permission to have space

Posted by on Oct 20, 2010 in Blog | 6 comments

I took the summer off from my healing practice to spend time with my children and with myself. We spent the summer away from our primary home, friends and routines. I love summer. I love the idea of stepping away from everything and being at choice to create whatever we want for the moment, day or week. We created a new community away from our primary community. In this community I saw my children have the opportunity to establish and be however they wanted to be. I found myself having flexibility in choosing who I talked with and how much...

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