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Channeling Sage

Sage is a highly evolved spiritual soul who works with us to:

  • Give us guidance,
  • Break through paradigms and
  • Create opportunities for what you desire by shifting you.

She gives you insights into your life, your passions and your being. She is incredibly insightful and just being in her presence changes your life.

I have channeled Sage for over 14 years now and she touches and impacts everyone who connects with her. If you are looking for guidance, support or insights, Sage is an incredible way to receive it. People have been working with Sage for years for a reason. She cuts through the illusions you may be holding about life and gives you the support to act.

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Finding Your Purpose:

True North

Your Soul’s Calling

What brings you joy and happiness – can be elusive to find in these hectic, over scheduled days.

During this workshop we will use storytelling and intuitive information to connect in and discover or re-discover:

  • Your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime
  • What may be blocking your Purpose
  • How to hold your purpose in a powerful light

I have been helping people find their purpose for many years and yet, I still get a thrill when someone can hold their purpose in the most powerful light.  Not only does it transform their life, but the life of everyone around them.

I invite you to spend 2 hours to discover the magic of your purpose in a safe community.

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True Self Workshop

What is your True Self you ask?

It is the part of your soul that has chosen to have this human experience.

In this 4 hour workshop, you will be guided step by step to explore what makes you feel alive and joyful.

Mary Ann will use her intuition to provide you with 1 to 3 words that embody the experiences that your True Self is wanting in this lifetime.

You will then:

  • Explore questions about what may be keeping you stuck around these words
  • Consciously and energetically you will clear out soul contracts that are no longer supporting you, and
  • Put in place new soul contracts for people, events and support to show up in support of your True Self

You will leave this class with a new found sense of understanding what your True Self is wanting to Experience AND

the knowing that you are now open to receiving just that.  

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True Self

I managed to capture what my experience was like in the first “TRUE SELF” class and am attaching it below to give you the sense of what can happen

“One of the things that I love about doing this energetic healing work is that I am always learning right along with my clients.  For two days last week I was learning about my True Self.  So what is “true Self” you ask.  Your true self is the part of your soul that wanted to have the human experience in this physical lifetime.

This last week I was able to connect with my true self and discover that it chose to have this human experience in order to experience; heart centered relationships, connection to all – physical, spiritual and energetic, and to transform the way we think, feel and manifest in life.

My True Self asked me to look at three words, BeliefsFreedom and Connection.  During meditation and several exercises, I discovered I had some limiting beliefs around responsibilities that were weighing me down.  The workshop shifted the way I held these responsibilities and I could suddenly feel myself experience lightness and joy.  I was able to see the contribution that I could make to each “responsibility” from a completely different place.

When I looked at the word freedom, what came up for me was profound.   All through my life I have had such a desire to feel free, and yet I didn’t know what that really meant to me.  What I realized is that I have a huge part of me that loves to energetically travel, and when I return to my body,  I was somehow feeling trapped.  I worked on shifting my relationship to see the freedom in being in my body.

The word connection asked me to consider, how can I continue to expand my connection with my soul, so I can experience more fullfillment in my life.

I experienced these significant shifts in my own life!

Not only did I notice major shifting for myself, I also received emails from so many clients who also were noticing significant shifts in their lives after their