change energy hange life 2

Energy is present in all of life.

Flowing through our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

Constantly renewing itself.


When we deliberately begin to explore our own, unique relationship to universal energy, we begin to build a relationship with this powerful life force.

Consciousness becomes our vessel to collect energy.

It can both remove internal blocks to the flow of energy, and, direct our flow of energy at will.

Energy gathers around powerful thought forms.

  • If we choose thoughts that DO NOT serve us (I will never be good enough, I don’t matter, I am unloveable) then we gather more of these thoughts to us.
  • If we choose thoughts that DO serve us ( I am already enough, the universe supports me in all ways, I am lovable), then we gather more of these thoughts to us.

We get to choose which thoughts we keep.

By being in the noticing of our thoughts, we can dramatically change our lives for the better.

This choice, or setting our intentions attracts higher energy which provides a blue print for how our life plays out on this physical plane.

We manifest our our desires through persistent setting of intentions and harnessing of energy.


Through purposeful creation in partnership with the universe, we begin to manage energy as part of a larger spiritual journey.

Energy Healing is an internal journey to transform the external.

Change energy change life

I invite you to experience the gift of maximizing your own potential.

– Mary Ann